12 Feb 2012

1st live performance at Eindbaas 8

Here’s a short impression of my 8-bit music performance on Eindbaas 8 open stage at the Kargadoor (Utrecht, the Netherlands). You may notice that I’ve played ‘Crontab’ and ‘BeepSync’, which I released at the Outline’11 demoparty.

I’ve recorded the C64 and Atari ST songs instrument by instrument and placed the tracks in Ableton Live for live control. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do much live tweaking, since I’ve only got 10 minutes of playtime including switching and sound-checking…

The second song in the video is Rondo, made with LSDJ on the DMG (blue backlit).

The robotic voice you hear on top of the tracks is the output of an emulated TI tms5220 speech synthesis chip in MAME. I’m planning to make an Arduino based speech player for this chip, which reads the speech data from SD-card. I already have a TI99/4A voice synthesizer (PHP1500) and some Arduino’s… time will tell.

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