18 Oct 2017

Presenting Keynterceptor at hack.lu [Luxembourg]

This week I presented my proof of concept USB HID attack called “Keynterceptor” at the hack.lu security conference in Luxembourg. It might not be ground-breaking research, but it’s showing a combination of vectors that have not been publicly disclosed yet. Classic key-stroke injecting devices like the RubberDucky are not very stealthy. With this attack, I intend to be less obvious to detect while being able to bypass known protection mechanisms like USG (hardware), DuckHunt (Windows) and USBGuard (Linux).

Since Keynterceptor is made up from very affordable, off-the-shelf electronic parts, it is likely that such an attack tool can be created and used by someone with few resources. The goal of this presentation it to raise awareness (like many other before me have also done) on the state of trust in our daily devices.

Watch the recording of my talk by clicking the image below:

Keynterceptor: Press any key to continue...

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20 Jan 2015

HITBager - Keysweeper

When Samy Kamkar released his KeySweeper project, I thought to myself… hey I’ve got a piece of hardware that can be reused to play with his code. The so called “Hack In the Box 2014 badge” (aka HITBadger), which has the nRF chip on it!


So I modified Samy’s code to my likes, just to demonstrate (at work) the risk one takes with a wireless keyboard. If you have such a HITBadger, you might try my modification keysweeper_mcu_src.tar.gz. Please note that, Samy’s code has more features.

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