13 May 2015

Performance at LMYU Album presentation

Lend me your underbelly (to some known as Christian) did a great job in presenting his awesome album “Hover” at the nice Mirliton theather. Please check out this album at his website www.lendmeyourunderbelly.com, or go to the iTunes store to buy it.


I was one of the lucky people that got an invitation to play at the album presentation. This time I felt like having a more interactive performance by doing some live electronic improvising (Which is only fun btw when your sound card actually works - yes I had some technical problems just before the performance).

Footage might follow later…

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14 Apr 2015

littleBits experimenting

I realy like the new DIY-like movement in electronics music that is going on right now

We first had the little Korg monotron synths and Teenage Engineering’s OP-1, now there is littleBits! (which is a bit like “Bloc-Tronic” from the eighties). Korg made a littleBits kit to play with the concepts of modular synthesizers. So I couldn’t resist, check this little experiment.


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30 Sep 2014

Love Aphex Twin's Syro album

Check out Richards new Album Syro! It’s what you expect from him, but it has a nice fresh and modern feel to it. I’m so happy


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22 Apr 2014

3rd place at Revision 2014 - Oldskool Executable music competition

3rd place at Revision OldSkool executable music I had a lot of fun making “Muhinae-II”, a track for the Sega MegaDrive. The song consists of FM and PSG only sounds, so I didn’t use any samples. Oerg866 helped me out to get the executable to run on the real hardware. He is a great guy!

Revision 2014 was a AWESOME party

Listen here ^ to Muhinae-II

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02 Jul 2013

SoundChip T-Shirt

"The things that define our style..."

I really felt like dedicating a T-Shirt to my favourite 80’s computer sound chips

SoundChip T-Shirt This is the result… like it?
Okay, it contains more then only sound chips… some machine brands as well!

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12 Feb 2012

1st live performance at Eindbaas 8

Here’s a short impression of my 8-bit music performance on Eindbaas 8 open stage at the Kargadoor (Utrecht, the Netherlands). You may notice that I’ve played ‘Crontab’ and ‘BeepSync’, which I released at the Outline’11 demoparty.

I’ve recorded the C64 and Atari ST songs instrument by instrument and placed the tracks in Ableton Live for live control. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do much live tweaking, since I’ve only got 10 minutes of playtime including switching and sound-checking…

The second song in the video is Rondo, made with LSDJ on the DMG (blue backlit).

The robotic voice you hear on top of the tracks is the output of an emulated TI tms5220 speech synthesis chip in MAME. I’m planning to make an Arduino based speech player for this chip, which reads the speech data from SD-card. I already have a TI99/4A voice synthesizer (PHP1500) and some Arduino’s… time will tell.

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