14 Apr 2015

littleBits experimenting

I realy like the new DIY-like movement in electronics music that is going on right now

We first had the little Korg monotron synths and Teenage Engineering’s OP-1, now there is littleBits! (which is a bit like “Bloc-Tronic” from the eighties). Korg made a littleBits kit to play with the concepts of modular synthesizers. So I couldn’t resist, check this little experiment.


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20 Jan 2015

HITBager - Keysweeper

When Samy Kamkar released his KeySweeper project, I thought to myself… hey I’ve got a piece of hardware that can be reused to play with his code. The so called “Hack In the Box 2014 badge” (aka HITBadger), which has the nRF chip on it!


So I modified Samy’s code to my likes, just to demonstrate (at work) the risk one takes with a wireless keyboard. If you have such a HITBadger, you might try my modification keysweeper_mcu_src.tar.gz. Please note that, Samy’s code has more features.

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02 Jul 2013

Commodore User port MIDI interface

I’m planning to build a PIC 18F2550-based Commodore User port MIDI interface. It should provide an MIDI interface through USB and directly via a DIN connector. Another idea is to make special (simplified) operation modes for it so these can be easily implemented into existing C64 software…

Commodore User Port MIDI Interface

This is a very early beta stage, but I’ll post updates when I make progress!

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